new new rockers
Nick Jackson (left) and Tito Jackson will portray The New New Rockers, not to be confused with The New New Rock and Roll Express (Dolph Ziggler and Nailz).

The so-called Internet Wrestling Community (IWC) is abuzz today after leaked documents revealed that The Young Bucks, a high-flying tag team on the independent wrestling circuit, will soon debut in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) as The New New Rockers.

The duo, currently a pair of “brothers” named Nick Jackson and Tito Jackson, will be re-branded as the successors to the hugely popular New Rockers (Marty Jannetty and Leif Cassidy), who themselves were the successors of a little-known 1980s tag-team called The Rockers (Sean “Heartbreaker” McMichael and Marty DeRosa).

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The Young Bucks, fresh off promoting a successful live event named “Allin” — which reportedly drew more than 350 fans, setting an independent wrestling record — are poised to be WWE’s next breakout mid-card stars, ready for feuds with The Ascension and the B-Team.

According to the leaked documents, Nick Jackson will be renamed “Smarty Confetti,” and his brother Tito will be renamed “Al Snow.”

The Young Bucks are currently known for their “Superkick Parties,” but in order to avoid confusion with Roman Reigns’ Superman Punch, the maneuver will be renamed “Sweet Jaw Tunes.”


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