This weekend’s debut of “Allin” is expected to be the most important revelation in wrestling since the hatching of the Gobbledy Gooker.

Members of the so-called Internet Wrestling Community (IWC) are abuzz about the impending debut of a mysterious wrestler named “Allin,” who will reportedly reveal himself this weekend in Chicago.

The hashtag #Allin has been in steady usage on social media worldwide among wrestling fans (ranking it 743,809th in overall global Twitter trends), though little is known about the newcomer’s identity.

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Rumors are circulating that it is Bad News Allin, or perhaps Allin “Al” Snow, and longtime wrestling journalist Dan Mutzler says it will “definitely be, or not be, one or either or neither of them, maybe.”

Allin’s debut is set to happen at an event that promises to be “the biggest independent wrestling show ever,” which means at least 350 fans (but no more than 450) will be in attendance to see Allin’s debut match.

The unveiling of Allin is expected to be the highlight of the show, which is also scheduled to feature:

  • “Leapin'” Lenny Omega vs. The Pentagon
  • Christopher Danielson vs. Stephen Colbert
  • Marty McFly vs. Kazuo Ishiguro
  • The Brisco Brothers (Gerald and Jack) vs. Frankie the Parrot and Vanilla Sky
  • Joey Banana vs. Diamond Hangman Page

Fans will have to wait for this weekend to learn the identity of Allin, and those not able to attend in person will have to wait for the show to be released on VHS next spring.

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