Wyatt crab walk
Bray Wyatt and Charlotte crab-walk toward one another before locking up in the first-ever Figure-16 Leglock.

During a rare intergender match, professional wrestlers Bray Wyatt and Charlotte entangled one another in an unprecedented figure-16 leglock, a maneuver previously believed to be impossible.

At a World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) live event in Poughkeepsie, the duo battled for 20 minutes before simultaneously locking legs and arching their backs in the mutually devastating submission hold.

Both competitors screamed in pain before tapping out in unison — a┬ádramatic climax to the first of many intergender matches to come, now that WWE has achieved gender equality by abandoning the term “Divas” in favor of “Superstars.”

Having abolished the outdated Divas Championship, WWE is expected to soon eliminate gender divisions entirely, meaning fans may soon finally see the much-anticipated showdown between Brock Lesnar and Bayley.

In the same spirit of gender equality, Becky Lynch has now revised her nickname to “Lads Kicker.”