wwe releases 2021
Vince McMahon admits that he never had much drawing power.

It seems World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is once again doing some spring cleaning this week, as the company announced today that it has released a number of its top talent and executives, including longtime WWE owner Vince McMahon. 

In a statement, McMahon thanked himself for his years of service to the company, emphasized that the door is always open to a return, and wished himself the best on his future endeavours. 

Although McMahon called the news of his release “very sad, quite frankly,” he reportedly took great joy in firing a number of main-event stars, like Braun Strowman and his own son-in-law Hunter Helmsley. theatrically hollering “you’rrrrre firrrred” with every pink slip he handed out. 

The firing of top stars like Drew McIntyre and Strowman came as a shock to many fans, who are more accustomed to about WWE firing midcard ham-and-eggers with lame names like Chayce Stryker. 

The mood backstage at WWE is reportedly tense, with rumors circulating that the next to fired could be Seth Rollins, Shane McMahon, and all the referees. 

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