Best of Great khali
The upcoming Great Khali DVD features everything a fan could want, which is nothing.

WWE Home Video announced today its scheduled of upcoming DVD releases, including an unexpected entry called “The Best of Great Khali,” a no-disc box set featuring the wobbly Indian goliath.

According to a press release issued this morning from WWE’s Connecticut headquarters, the box set will feature: “A collectors’ edition plastic case, a glossy photo of the Great Khali, several flyers advertising other DVDs, and exactly zero discs of Khali in action.”

According to sources at WWE Home Video, the original plan had been to release a two-disc set — a documentary disc and a second disc of his greatest matches — but those plans were scrapped when it  was realized that Khali can neither communicate nor wrestle.

Khali, a seven-foot-tall Punjabi freak of nature signed to WWE in 2006 amid much fanfare, has failed to attain the superstardom for which he seemed destined.

Though his enormity seemed to make him a natural monster “heel” (bad guy), he has instead become comic relief buffoon, tottering about on stilt-like legs, often dancing clumsily with a leprechaun and a flatulent Diva.

According to one reviewer who got an early copy of the no-disc box set, it’s “exactly what fans will want.”

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