Shawn Michaels hunting
In a scene from his soon-to-debut hunting show, Shawn Michaels fells a buck deer with his trademark superkick.

Wrestling legend and avid outdoorsman Shawn Michaels announced this week that he will star in a new hunting show on which he superkicks wild game.

Tentatively titled Sweet Antler Music, the program will follow the WWE Hall of Famer as he travels to exotic locales, sneaks up on animals and fells them with a powerful kick just under the jaw.

Michaels says the show will be tastefully produced in order to highlight his admiration and respect for the animals.

On the pilot episode, for example, Michaels stares an elk in the eyes and tearfully says “I’m sorry — I love you,” before dropping the beast with a boot to its furry muzzle.

Filming of the show reportedly got off to a slow start when it was determined that Michaels was inadvertently warning animals of his presence by stomping the ground several times before attempting the superkicks.

“Yeah, the stomping kind of scared them away,” Michaels told Kayfabe News. “Come to think of it, though, it’s kind of weird that my opponents in wrestling never took the stomping as a warning.”