WWE hall of famer
The WWE Hall of Fame is now safely empty.

Amid mounting scandals surrounding former stars of professional wrestling, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) announced today that, “as a precautionary measure,” all past inductees will henceforth be removed from the company’s vaunted Hall of Fame.

The announcement comes on the heels of news that yet another Hall of Famer, [NAME OMITTED], will be erased from WWE history because he allegedly [DEED OMITTED].

The removal of inductees from the Hall of Fame began after former “real American” hero [NAME OMITTED] was recorded making [UNINTELLIGIBLE] comments about [NON-RACIALLY-SPECIFIC] people.

Pre-emptively avoiding scandal by removing all Hall of Fame inductees is being criticized by some fans and pundits as excessively cautious.

But considering that one current Hall of Famer will likely bring about the Apocalypse if he becomes President of the United States (hint: it’s not Koko B. Ware), the un-inductions seem generally reasonable.


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