reigns can't wrestle
Can Roman Reigns wrestle? In late-July at the earliest.

Fans of professional wrestling have once again demonstrated their prescient wisdom by preemptively chanting “You can’t wrestle” at Roman Reigns — just hours before WWE declared Reigns indeed cannot wrestle for at least 30 days.

The fans besieged Reigns with the chant on Monday Night Raw, seemingly aware that Reigns was on the verge of a 30-day suspension (reportedly for revealing Game of Thrones spoilers to Vince McMahon).

Whether Reigns will be able to wrestle following the suspension will be a contentious topic hotly debated between bright-eyed young fans and jaded adult males.

How did the fans know the suspension was coming? Was it a backstage leak, or do wrestling fans have mysterious psychic powers?

Lending credence to the “psychic powers” theory, NXT fans have been known to chant “This is awesome” well before anything awesome actually happens.