nxt fans
Fans of NXT began chanting several hours before a recent event, resulting in skyrocketing lozenge sales in Florida.

Fans of professional wrestling have become so enamored with “developmental” promotion NXT that an arena full of spectators overzealously burst out chanting “This is awesome” well before the first match of a recent event.

“This is awe-some (clap-clap-clapclapclap),” fans hollered while a confused-looking roadie tightened the top rope with a wrench. “This is awe-some (clap-clap-clapclapclap).”

When the roadie then departed the ring and put the wrench back in a toolbox under the ring, the fans erupted into a boisterous chant of “Holy sh**! Holy sh**!”

The roof of the NXT arena at Full Sail University was then practically blown off when referee Drake Wuertz entered the ring and checked the positioning of turnbuckle pads.

“You’ve still got it!” the fans chanted at Weurtz, “you’ve still got it!”

When the event actually got under way and Tyler Breeze made his way to the ring, dozens of fans wet their pants and two spontaneously combusted.

The vast majority of jubilant NXT fans seem to have forgotten that, roughly three years ago, they unanimously hated NXT and wished it would cease to exist.

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