WWE Creative
WWE's new Uncreative Team gather in a boardroom to re-hash the best ideas of previous creative teams.

In an effort to milk ideas that worked well in the past, World Wrestling Entertainment recently hired a group of writers known backstage as the Uncreative Team.

Made up of plagiarists, slackers and mooches, the eight-member Uncreative Team reportedly operates according to the motto “If it ain’t broke, why not use it again?”

“WWE’s new Uncreative Team will take our programming to the next level — or, rather, to previous levels,” reads a WWE press release issued this morning.

“They will steer Smackdown and Raw down comfortably familiar paths, and give the WWE audience incredible action the likes of which they have seen before.”

Since being hired last week, the Uncreative Team has already come up with some tremendous “new” ideas, including:

– A muscular blond beach bum with a handlebar moustache and a patriotic persona known as Bulk Rogan
– A blue-collar vs. white-collar showdown between WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and a beer-swilling redneck named Ice Cold Stephen Dallas
– An annual tradition in which a top wrestler tries to break the undefeated streak of an ominous, supernatural behemoth called The Mortician