If you’ve ever watched World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) programming, you’ve seen them: the same few people sitting in the front row at practically every event — but have you ever wondered how much they’re getting paid to be there? 

The so-called “ringside regulars” are not fans of professional wrestling, as they are purported to be, but rather paid “extras” who earn a handsome annual salary to tour with WWE. 

Although they don’t like to be called “seat fillers,” they are essentially filling the same role as the people who sit-in for celebrities when they go to the bathroom during award shows.

The ringside regulars are not allowed to leave their seats during a three-hour WWE Raw broadcast, and each is equipped with a “relief bottle” for stealthy urination. 

A leaked WWE tax filing reveals that the ringside regulars earn between $90,100 and $134,400 USD per annum, with bonuses when they travel to Canada, the UK, and Saudi Arabia.

Green Shirt Guy, for example, earns $91,300 in base salary, while Brock Lesnar Guy can earn up to $105,000 depending on how many times he makes an enthusiastic double-arm gesture on camera. 

Although they try to blend in as “normal” wrestling fans, the ringside regulars have reportedly grown to hate professional wrestling due to over-exposure, because nobody in their right mind would watch all that wrestling if they weren’t being paid well for it. 


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