raw 25th
The Raw 25th anniversary will now air in 2019, headlined by the man who will be World Heavyweight Champion by then, Heath Slater.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) issued a rare apology today, admitting that it has been an entire year premature in celebrating the 25-year anniversary of its flagship sports-entertainment program, Monday Night Raw.

The company blamed a “mathematical error” for the miscalculation, adding that all plans for celebrating the 25th anniversary will now be postponed by 365 days. The employee responsible for the blunder — identified only as M. Chioda — had been suspended.

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“Our bad,” reads an statement issued this morning from the company’s Connecticut headquarters. “We got ahead of ourselves.”

Monday Night Raw debuted on January 22, 1994, which means its 25th anniversary will happen in 2019, assuming a certain WWE Hall of Famer doesn’t bring about a nuclear apocalypse in the meantime.

What’s most remarkable about the mistake is that it went unnoticed by millions of fans of professional wrestling, although it has already been widely established that they are generally incapable of counting.