The Royal Rumble countdown clock handily assists WWE fans in the tricky task of counting aloud backwards from 10.

The 10-second countdown clock that heralds the entrance of each new competitor in the Royal Rumble match is a godsend to WWE fans who have a difficult time counting in reverse numerical order.

Chanting along with the clock is a beloved tradition of the Royal Rumble pay-per-view, but a recent study shows that some fans would be incapable of the feat without a giant digital timer to guide them.

“I’m pretty good with ten, nine, eight — but after that it gets confusing,” said 23-year-old fan Tyler Nixon.

“I can never remember if four comes before or after six, especially when counting backwards.”

The study showed that the vast majority of wrestling fans seem count at a faster pace as the countdown clock gets closer to zero, but WWE has not yet figured out a way to fix this.