bullet club fan Like many self-described “smart” fans of professional wrestling these days, 27-year-old Todd McCreary has a wardrobe full of t-shirts bearing the logo of Japanese wrestling sensations the Bullet Club — despite never having seen a second of actual footage of the Bullet Club performing.

As is customary among his ilk, McCreary is dismissive of the “current WWE product,” and spends much time in online wrestling forums singing the praises of Kenny Omega, Hangman Page, Marty Scurll, and other Bullet Club members he has never seen.

“I only watch NJPW,” lied McCreary, who in reality has only seen one short YouTube compilation of AJ Styles in the promotion during a brief retrospective on the WWE Network.

“The BC is the best thing about puroresu,” he added, pretentiously using — and mispronouncing — the Japanese word for pro wrestling. “The Fed (WWE) is nothing without The Young Bucks (a tag team McCreary has heard a lot about on Twitter).”

McCreary also insists he is a “longtime fan” of Chikara, although he often mispronounces it as Shakira.



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