wrestling fans hijack
Braden Keating tries to summon the energy to bounce a beach ball around his basement den.

Braden Keating, a 27-year-old self-described “smart mark,” couldn’t afford a ticket to attend a recent WWE Raw event in his hometown of Cleveland, so he instead ruined the viewing experience for himself with a variety of obnoxious chants and antics.

Keating proudly bragged on Twitter that he was among the smart-aleck fans who “hijacked” Raw, though he failed to mention that his behavior only annoyed himself and his 12-year-old cat, Purrgan.

During a rematch between Dolph Ziggler and Seth Rollins, for instance, Keating repeatedly counted backwards from 10 — mimicking the irritating gag that Pittsburgh fans pulled during Extreme Rules, to the chagrin of nearly everyone else watching.

During a Paul Heyman promo later in the show, Keating repeatedly hollered “WHAT?!” during brief pauses in Heyman’s oration, which was heard only faintly by Keating’s parents upstairs, who merely shook their heads in shame.

Keating eventually started booing himself after he completely ruined the main event by inflating a beach ball and batting it around the room, but only after spending 10 minutes chanting “let’s go beach ball” and “beach ball sucks.”

Keating got so annoyed with himself that he tore up his “Make Roman Look Strong” sign, and then went on Reddit to complain about how crappy wrestling fans are these days.

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