Smart mark
Jared McClusky claims to be a “smart mark,” but is only half right.

Jared McClusky, a 27-year-old wrestling fan from Pittsburgh, is a self-proclaimed “smart mark,” although only the latter half of that monicker is accurate.

McClusky claims to have a impeccable understanding of the inner workings of the professional wrestling industry — hence the assertion that he is “smart,” in wrestling lingo — but he is actually duped by much of what he sees on wrestling programming, making him merely a “mark.”

Although he spends much of his free time reading online “dirtsheets” about wrestling, McClusky’s utter lack of critical thinking skills makes him gullible to half-truths, outright lies and plot twists.

For example, McClusky is a passionate advocate of the conspiracy theory that the so-called Montreal Screwjob was a “work,” and that “Bret (Hart) was totally in on it from the beginning.”

Friends and family of McClusky refute any suggestions that he is “smart,” whether on the topic professional wrestling or anything else.

“He sometimes calls himself a smark, which is apparently short for smart mark,” said one of McClusky’s coworkers at KFC.

“I call him a marktard.”