Evolution wwe
According to biblical literalists, this photo was created by God to test our faith.

The past existence of a four-manĀ  professional wrestling stable known as Evolution is “just a theory, not a fact,” according to a Kansas-based creationist group.

The creationists deny the supposition that Ric Flair, Randy Orton, Triple-H and Batista ever formed a villainous faction, despite the mountain of established evidence suggesting that the group, Evolution, was a top attraction between 2003 and 2005.

Photos and video footage of the wrestling stable were created by God to test our faith, alleges the group of biblical literalists.

The return to WWE of Batista has sparked an outcry from the fringe religious group, which has alleged that “the untruths of Evolution will again be foisted upon the viewing audience.”

“Our children should know that the existence of Evolution not a fact,” said Rev. Gary Muldoon, head of the Wrestling Answers in Genesis (WAG) group.

The creationists insist that God has controlled all aspects of World Wrestling Entertainment ever since tagging with Shawn Michaels.