sleeper arm test
Miraculously, Jesse Fortuna’s arm did not fall when the referee released it, despite having fallen twice already.

Fans of professional wrestling witnessed today what many are calling a “miracle,” as one competitor’s arm, having already limply twice fallen due to apparent unconsciousness, somehow sprung back to life after being raised and released by the referee a third time.

At an independent wrestling show in the Illinois suburb of Berwyn, fan favorite “Jumping” Jesse Fortuna seemed to be rendered unconscious by a sleeper hold applied by his arch nemesis, Donnie Darko.

Fortuna’s dire condition became obvious when, after the referee lifted and released the his right arm, it fell flaccidly to the mat. When the referee tested Fortuna’s arm a second time, it again dropped like a slack rope, indicating that the wrestler was surely out cold.

But then, when the referee hoisted Fortuna’s arm one last time, something incredible happened.

“His arm went rigid, and he thrust his fist skyward,” said one fan who witnessed the miracle. “I sure didn’t see that coming.”

Even more remarkably, Fortuna seemed to experience a sudden burst of energy — as if imbued with some spiritual power — and began rhythmically stomping the mat, inspiring fans to clap along in unison.

Somehow, despite being apparently unconscious only moments earlier, Fortuna summoned the strength to counter-attack, turn the tide of the match and eventually emerge victorious.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” remarked one ringside commentator.