Ryback’s Twitter account has proven to be a more popular “draw” than his in-ring performances.

Professional wrestler Ryback  has achieved the dubious distinction that his in-ring work pales in comparison to his unpredictable, frequently nonsensical and consistently entertaining rants on Twitter.

Ryback’s performances in the wrestling ring have been characterized by a derivative persona that frequently elicits dismissive chants of “Goldberg” (or, possibly, Gold Bird) from fans.

On Twitter, however, “The Big Guy” is more captivating than ever, spewing venom at fans and threatening to quit WWE, then deleting all previous tweets in apparent moments of lucidity.

Ryback’s Twitter feed has drawn comparisons to those of Scott Steiner (a raving lunatic whose diatribes only occasionally contained a properly spelled word) and Matt Hardy during his pre-rehab rants of a few years ago.

According to sources within World Wrestling Entertainment, Ryback’s popular Twitter feed will receive its own reality TV show on the WWE Network, while his in-ring character will be quietly phased out.