cena 2017
Could this plucky upstart emerge as one of the top stars of 2017?

As 2016 draws to a close, many professional wrestling pundits are speculating that 2017 may be the year that plucky underdog John Cena finally breaks through the “glass ceiling” of World Wrestling Entertainment.

“This kid has potential,” writes veteran wrestling journalist Dan Mutzler. “If Vince [McMahon] gives him the ball, I think he might just run with it. I’m going out on a limb here, but I think his time is now.”

Although he has been contracted to WWE for years, Cena has failed to connect with fans, garnering only tepid¬†responses at live events, lacking the charisma and microphone skills to “get over.” His small but loyal fanbase mainly consists of jaded¬†adult males who inhabit the so-called Internet Wrestling Community.

Cena recently returned to WWE programming after three months of being written off the show, reportedly because “creative had nothing for him.”

During his recent appearance on SmackDown, Cena seemed to have finally found the self-confidence he needs to emerge from the mid-card doldrums and become a main-event player.

According to backstage rumors, Cena will wrestle a series “try-out” matches against James Ellsworth at non-televised house shows to determine whether he’s ready for a marquee feud with AJ Styles.


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