vince mcmahon
Still in great shape at age 89, Vince McMahon felt it was “no or never” to get the tattoo he’s always wanted.

Sports-entertainment mogul Vince McMahon is known for his indefatigable devotion to ruling over World Wrestling Entertainment, and the billionaire decided this week to create a permanent reminder of it by getting a neck tattoo that reads “WWE Forever.”

Sources close to McMahon say he has been considering getting the tattoo for many years, but had procrastinated about getting it because he “wanted to be sure WWE would remain important to him in the long term.”

Unveiling the new tattoo on Superstar Ink, McMahon told host Corey Graves — who has also made many ill-advised tattooing decisions — McMahon said that, “quite frankly, the timing was right, quite frankly.”

Now that he has finally ventured into skin art, McMahon is reportedly hooked on the process, and is planning to get an XFL tattoo on his lower back later this year.

While tattooing is nothing new within sports-entertainment, McMahon’s new ink is further proof of a recent study that concluded pro wrestlers are biologically incapable or making good tattooing decisions.

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