McMahon quite frankly
The 993,936th utterance of “quite frankly,” late last year.

Professional wrestling mogul Vince McMahon achieved yet another milestone in his remarkable career today when he uttered, for the millionth time, the phrase “quite frankly.”

Speaking at a meeting of WWE shareholders today, McMahon said: “WWE Network subscriptions are, quite frankly, lower than expected.”

At that precise moment, hundreds of colorful balloons fell from the rafters and a banner reading “Congrats On Your 1 Millionth Quite Frankly” unfurled behind a surprised-looking McMahon.

The billionaire wrestling impresario began uttering the phrase “quite frankly” during his years as a WWF commentator (“Max Moon is, quite frankly, the future of this industry”), but his usage increased dramatically during his portrayal of the nefarious Mr. McMahon character during WWE’s so-called Attitude Era (“Austin, your behavior is, quite frankly, unacceptable”).

McMahon has evidently passed the verbal heirloom to daughter Stephanie and son-in-law Triple-H, who incessantly utter the phrase in their shared role as WWE’s reigning “Authority.”

The surprise celebration of McMahon’s utterance was reminiscent of Triple-H’s one-millionth utterance of “this business.”

McMahon is working toward his 500,000th utterance of “what a maneuver.”

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