triple h this business Hunter Hearst Helmsley achieved another milestone in his storied WWE career this week by uttering the words “this business” for the one-millionth time.

Unaware that he had already used the phrase 999,999 times previously, the superstar unwittingly hit the one-million mark this week on Raw when he said: “I sweat, I bleed, I breathe, I live for this business.”

The Chief Operating Officer of WWE was visibly surprised when balloons and streamers fell from the rafters of a Phoenix arena to commemorate the momentous utterance.

The celebration was the brainchild of WWE archivist Laura Quinn, who noted The Game’s penchant for the phrase “this business” while sorting through hours of footage for an upcoming Triple-H DVD.

“He just kept saying it,” recalled Quinn. “Like, constantly. Again and again.”

According to backstage officials, Triple-H was close to tears — his creased brow even more furrowed than usual — following the celebration.

“God willing, I’ll make it to two million before I retire,” he said. “That’s how much I love this business.”

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