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Vince McMahon announces the launch of an 24-hour bodybuilding video-streaming service, the WBF Network.

Buoyed by the popularity and success of the newly launched WWE Network, sports entertainment mogul Vince McMahon has announced the impending launch of the World Bodybuilding Federation (WBF) Network.

McMahon said in a press release issued this morning that the 24/7 video-streaming service will “give fans all the glistening, rippling, banana-hammock posedown action they remember from the WBF.”

When it launches in three weeks, the WBF Network will give bodybuilding fans unlimited access to great moments from the WBF vaults, such as:

  • The inaugural WBF competition from June 15, 1991, featuring the household names of bodybuilding, such as  Vince Comerford, David Dearth, and Berry DeMey
  • The event at which “The Legend” Lou Ferrigno was scheduled, but failed, to appear
  • Excerpts from the McMahon steroid trial and acquittal
  • Every ICO PRO commercial in its entirety

The WBF Network will also feature new programming including “Poser House” (a reality TV show in which greased-up muscular freaks live in a house and compare shrunken testicles) and “Urine Swap” (in which bodybuilders attempt to pass drug tests).

Many entertainment experts doubt that the WBF Network will have the same success as the WWE Network. So far, the only person to have signed up for the “early bird” subscription rate is a user nicknamed “GeneticJackhammer69,” based in Stamford, CT.

The same user has posted in several online football forums that “an XFL Network would be an awesome thing, right?”


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