daniel bryan
Daniel Bryan's clean-living ethos makes him a role model for young people, which runs contrary to the WWE Unwellness Policy

Clean-living wrestler Daniel Bryan — a vegan who exercises vigorously and abstains from drugs, alcohol and other dangerous behaviors — has been suspended for 60 days for violating WWE’s Unwellness Policy.

According to the rules of the policy, WWE superstars are required to engage in at least one of the following self-destructive activities: heavy drinking, drug use (including steroids, painkillers and recreational substances), sexual promiscuity, excessive head trauma, insufficient sleep, reckless driving, ego-tripping and/or bar brawling.

Bryan, by contrast, doesn’t eat meat or dairy, has never tasted alcohol or tobacco, gets plenty of sleep and spends his free time doing a variety of cardiovascular and strength-building exercises.

According to tests performed by WWE medics, 30-year-old Bryan is in perfect physical and mental health, with no signs of self-destructive urges or sociopathic behavior, which resulted in his suspension.

“WWE Superstars are expected to exhibit a certain lack of decorum and common sense,” said WWE Chief Medical Officer Dr. Bob Ponovich. “Professional wrestlers have a reputation to uphold, and Mr. Bryan’s utterly clean and healthy lifestyle runs contrary to that reputation.”

CM Punk narrowly avoided a similar suspension, but demonstrated that he has a severe addiction to his own voice.