The Undertaker is really hoping a Slammy will kickstart his fledgling career.

Professional wrestler The Undertaker, despite having only a handful of matches under his belt this year, has reportedly set his hopes on winning the Slammy Award for “Breakout Star of the Year.”

Although he has enjoyed less airtime on WWE programming during 2013 than Bo Dallas or Zack Ryder, The Undertaker hopes his fleeting moments in the spotlight caught the attention of Slammy judges.

“I know I’m not on TV much,” said the so-called Deadman, who has been chronically underbooked by WWE’s so-called Creative Department in recent months. “But I think my match at the last WrestleMania was pretty decent.”

The Undertaker is considered a long-shot to take home the Slammy, however, given that he’s up against much more high-profile stars such as Ryback and Big E Langston.

If he is unable to clinch the Breakout Star Slammy, The Undertaker is hoping to at least win the “LOL Moment of the Year,” in recognition of his goofy-looking mohawk.