double threat match
History will be made with the Double Threat Match this Monday on Raw.

This Monday’s episode of WWE Monday Night Raw will feature an unprecedented showdown pitting Braun Strowman against Roman Reigns in a groundbreaking new “Double Threat Match.”

The bout is similar to a Triple Threat Match (which pits a trio of men against one another in a sudden-death melee), but will instead feature only two men, making for a never-before-seen spectacle. 

Under “Double Threat rules,” each man must try to wear his opponent down via a series of holds or high-impact maneuvers, thereby making his opponent susceptible to a three-count pin or a “tap-out” submission. 

The innovative new match can only end when one man scores a pinfall or submission, or when his opponent is disqualified or counted out of the ring. The commentators will frequently reiterate these rules to avoid confusion, given the novelty of the match. 

“History will be made,” raved commentator Michael Cole, as he does every time WWE does anything. “We’ve never seen anything like this before!”

Raw will also feature a “Fatal One-Way” match, in which Zach Gallagher will trap himself in his own inescapable submission maneuver