wwe dont try this
A pair of children try this at home.

Despite repeated warnings during broadcasts of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) programming to not try this at home, a new report indicates that this is frequently and thoroughly tried at home.

The report, published in the Harvard Journal of Reverse Psychology, indicates that public service announcements urging viewers not to try this at home tend to have the opposite effect, only increasing the attractiveness of trying this at home.

WWE has attempted to strengthen its message through politeness — “Please, don’t try this at home,” says the latest version of the entreaty — but asking nicely seems to only diminish the effectiveness of the request, resulting in increased trying of this at home, at school, on mattresses and trampolines.

The dangers of trying this — concussions, broken bones and even paralysis — don’t seem to dissuade young people from trying this (typically in the form of shoddily applied suplexes, bodyslams, and RKOs outta somewhere).

To counteract the disturbing trend of this being tried at home, WWE intends employ reverse-reverse psychology with a new “Sure, Try This at Home” campaign.

But according to some evolutionary biologists, natural selection will gradually thin out the gene pool of people who try this at home, and the problem will eventually solve itself.


The following documentary demonstrates the tragic extent to which this is being tried at homes around the world: