Protesters march outside the WWE Hall of Fame’s celebrity wing, where the Donald Trump Pavilion is located.

In the wake of President Donald Trump’s inauguration, hundreds of thousands of protesters are marching in Connecticut today, picketing and chanting slogans outside the WWE Hall of Fame, demanding for his un-induction.

Protesters surrounded the 200,000-square-foot Hall of Fame — often described as “America’s Louvre” — to demand that Trump be removed from the hallowed institution because of his sexism, xenophobia, and complete inability to convincingly sell a Stone Cold Stunner.

Protesters shouted slogans demanding Trump’s ouster from the Hall of Fame, including:

  • “Dump Trump; Induct Tunney”
  • “Make Thump, Not Trump,” in reference to Hall of Famer The Junkyard Dog
  • “What do we want? Dynamite Kid in the Hall of Fame! When do we want it? After Trump is removed!”
  • “Backlund for President!”

CNN estimated that the crowed numbered at least 800,000, whereas Fox News reported it closer to 400,000, while Trump mouthpiece Kellyanne Conway insisted there were “no more than a dozen” people in attendance.

Extra security guards have been assigned to the Donald Trump Pavilion of the WWE Hall of Fame, as well as the Pete Rose Virtual Reality Experience and the Koko B. Ware Tropical Aviary.