WWE’s annual WrestleMania event is the grandest stage in sports-entertainment — and this year’s event has become so huge that it cannot be constrained to two short nights. 

The company announced today that WrestleMania 37 would expanded into a “four-night spectacular” because of “overwhelming demand from fans for more programming, especially around WrestleMania.”

The third night of WrestleMania will begin immediately following Monday Night Raw, and the final “seven-hour grand finale” will be broadcast live Tuesday at 8pm ET. 

Although the cards for nights 3 and 4 are not yet fully confirmed, journalist Dan Mutzler revealed the following matches as “highly likely” to happen, based on backstage sources and his hunches:

WrestleMania Night 3: 

  • Pre-show: Rey Mysterio vs. Dominick Mysterio
  • The First Annual Teddy Long Six-Man Tag Tournament Finals: The B-Team vs. Los Conquistadores
  • Undertaker vs. Bad Bunny
  • 30-minute Nickelback performance
  • Main Event: Dana Brooke vs. Brooke Hogan

WrestleMania Night Four:

  • Pre-show: WALTER vs. Brock Lesnar
  • No-Rope Barbed-Wire-Light-Tubes-Exploding-Ring-Fans-Bring-the-Weapons Match: Vince McMahon vs. Triple H
  • 30-minute Nickelback performance
  • Main Event: 24/Championship R-Truth vs. Drew Carey vs. Great Khali vs. Ricochet vs. Nathan Jones vs. Goldberg 




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