WrestleMania meltzer
Literally hundreds of readers are awaiting WrestleMania predictions from Anthony Lavers, but he has forgotten how to copy Dave Meltzer’s work.

Anthony Lavers, the 21-year-old “Chief WWE Correspondent” at¬†WrestleRumors.net, is currently three days into a frustrating bout of writers block, having completely forgotten how to copy and paste material from Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer website.

“Wait, is it Alt-C or Shift-C to copy?” Lavers muttered to himself while attempting to “report” a WrestleMania rumor posted on Meltzer’s site.

Though Lavers has been a professional wrestling journalist since he was 17, and has built a loyal audience of hundreds, this recent struggle with writer’s block has dealt a serious blow to his self-confidence.

“Maybe I’m just burned out from overwork,” said Lavers, whose parents have repeatedly urged him to seek formal journalism and/or janitorial training at the local community college, but to no avail.

According to a recent study, there are approximately 22,000 wrestling journalists currently working around the world, though only 17 of them have ever actually interviewed a professional wrestler.

The other 21,983 wrestling journalists copy rumors from Meltzer, meaning their accuracy rate is slightly below pure chance.