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Steve Austin (left) hopes to get more lively and compelling responses out of Mitch than he did from Mitch’s friend, Dean Ambrose.

Just days after an awkward and stilted interview with Dean Ambrose, legendary pro wrestler Steve Austin announced that the next episode of his Stone Cold Podcast will feature Ambrose’s chattier pal, Mitch the Potted Plant.

Whereas Ambrose smirked and shrugged evasively as Austin pressed him for details on his upbringing, Mitch is expected to be open and honest about his growth from humble seedling to popular WWE sidekick.

Mitch has been absent from WWE programming in recent weeks, having been written out of the storylines after being smashed over Ambrose’s head by the dastardly Chris Jericho.

Austin’s interview will delve into what Mitch has been up to since then — including, reportedly, a starring role in The Marine 7: Battleplant, and a motivational speaking tour at greenhouses across America.

Asked his opinion on Mitch’s upcoming interview, Ambrose merely shrugged, shifted in his chair, and mumbled: “You know, I dunno, maybe it’s, you know, whatever.”