seven foot tall
With barely 15 minutes of instruction, these people were taught to be seven foot tall.

Despite repeated claims to the contrary by pro wrestler Enzo Amore, it is actually quite easy to teach someone to be seven foot tall, insists stilt-walking instructor Reginald Froklage. 

“It takes, like, 10 minutes to learn, tops,” says Froklage, who operates a clown college in Cincinnati. “The idea that you can’t teach that is preposterous.”

The hyperkinetic Amore is the world’s most outspoken proponent of the myth that being seven foot tall cannot be taught, along with another pernicious untruth about the impossibility of teaching someone to be a certified G and a bona fide stud. 

G-certification courses are now common at a number of community colleges, and the term “vague” is broad enough to include many degrees of studliness. 

Despite his near-constant repetition of fallacious claims, Amore has provided no evidence to support his theory of unteachability.

Nor has Amore provided any evidence — empirical or anecdotal — that he and Colin Cassidy are ever the realest guys in the room.