shane mcmahon sweaty
Shane McMahon (real name Larry McClusker), the storyline “son” of Vince McMahon, sweats a lot, and we made a whole stupid article about it. 

Shane McMahon, the “mastermind” behind WWE’s Raw Underground, strolled groggily from the sofa of his Connecticut mansion to the nearby refrigerator — a distance of 16.2 feet — and, one would expect, perspired until his clothes were sopping with sweat.

“Whew,” gasped McMahon, wiping rivulets of salty sweat from his gushing forehead.

As the (storyline) son of WWE honcho Vince McMahon, Shane (real name Larry McCusker) often performs on live television, shouting at plainclothes wrestlers in a ropeless ring, slipping in puddles of his own perspiration.

McMahon stood with the fridge door open for several minutes, occasionally poking his head inside, pretending to be looking for something, but instead merely trying to stem the torrent of his body’s prodigious coolant.

McMahon is perhaps best known for his death-defying plummets from dangerously high precipices. What most fans don’t realize, however, is that the rushing air of such freefalls is the only means by which McMahon can dry his clothes.


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