raw premiere
After literally days of anticipation, the new season of WWE Monday Night Raw aired this week.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) aired this week the season premiere of its flagship program, Monday Night Raw, giving fans much-anticipated resolutions to major cliffhangers from the previous season, which wrapped up six days and 21 hours earlier.

“The wait is finally over!” tweeted self-proclaimed “Raw superfan” Carl Struthers, who runs the website RawSeason24Rumors.com.

“Raw is like Breaking Bad and Mad Men — we can make predictions about where the story might lead, but the ingenious writers are always one step ahead of us!”

During the show’s almost-weeklong hiatus, fans around the world filled forums and message boards with theories and predictions about how the latest season might unfold.

As expected, this week’s season premiere resolved some of the biggest questions from last season’s nail-biting finale, including:

  • Will the injured Lana return to avenge boyfriend Dolph Ziggler? Answer: nah.
  • Will Triple H dance awkwardly like a drunken uncle at a family reunion? Answer: yup!
  • Will Damien Sandow get the push he deserves? Answer: don’t be silly.
  • Will Sting finally compete in a match on Raw? Answer: we’re not sure, because nobody stayed up late enough to see, but let’s assume the answer is yes.

This season of Raw is also expected to be the last, and leaked documents have already revealed how the popular series will finally end.