Raw series finale
In the series finale of Raw, mild-mannered window cleaner Vince McMahon awakens to realize WWE was just a strange, vivid dream.

Monday Night Raw, the long-running sports entertainment program that has entertained fans for more than two decades, draws to a close next week with a much-anticipated series finale that reveals the whole thing to be a dream of Vince McMahon.

According to documents leaked today on Reddit, the special five-hour finale will depict McMahon awakening, his brow slick with sweat, to realize that all of the drama, violence and mayhem of WWE were just the conjurings of his fevered imagination.

“Omigod, I had the weirdest dream,” the pajama-clad McMahon says to wife Linda, with whom he operates a modest bakery in suburban Connecticut.

“I dreamed I was this insane billionaire who made musclemen dress up in spandex, and they would yell and fight each other in a different city every week,” he continued. “And it was all on this live TV show that millions of people watched every week no matter how ridiculous or infuriating I made it.”

The “All Just a Dream” motif — a popular trope previously employed in Dallas and The Wizard of Oz — was reportedly chosen for the Raw series finale because there was no rational way to explain all of the irrational twists and plot holes over the preceding 23 seasons.

By revealing it all to be a dream, the writers of Raw can easily explain away ludicrous storylines including the McMahon limo bombing, the Katie Vick saga, the Donald Trump versus Rosie O’Donnell debacle, everything about Kane, and practically every live musical performance.

Though some fans are expected to be disappointed by the “dream” explanation, most have already given up on Raw to solely watch NXT instead.