kayfabe news logoA recent study conducted by the American Association of Sports Journalism has determined that Kayfabe News, a satirical source of “unreal news about an unreal sport,” is consistently more accurate and reliable than the majority of “legitimate” wrestling news sources.

Whereas most wrestling news sites — or “dirtsheets,” to use the parlance of the genre — report on backstage gossip, hearsay rumors and pure speculation, Kayfabe News veers deliberately toward parody and fabrication, with consistently more accurate results.

“It turns out that professional wrestling is basically a farce already,” said Prof. Leonard Seville, who conducted the study.

“Any attempt to seriously report on it, therefore, tends to backfire.”

For example, popular wrestling news site Bleacher Report erroneously reported earlier this year that Shelton Benjamin and Carlito were “confirmed” participants in WWE’s Royal Rumble, which was completely false.

Kayfabe News, meanwhile, reported that the “voices” in Randy Orton’s head were revealed to be coming from his iPod, which is almost certainly true.

It is believed that WWE.com will soon simply redirect all its viewers to KayfabeNews.com in order to ensure accuracy.