Orton voices head
Randy Orton listens to his iPod, which has been revealed to be the source of "voices" in his head.

The mental health of professional wrestler Randy Orton has been in question for years, due to Orton’s claims of hearing “voices” in his head, but such worries have abated since it was revealed that the so-called voices are actually coming from his iPod.

“I hear voices in my head — they counsel me, they understand,” Orton has claimed on many occasions, sparking widespread concern.

Friends and colleagues of Orton’s, who feared the so-called Viper was suffering some kind of schizophrenic delusions, were relieved to learn that Orton is an avid listener of self-help audiobooks.

The most common voice in Orton’s head is that of motivational guru Tony Robbins, whose “Unlimited Power” series has sold millions of copies worldwide and inspired Orton to pursue fame in professional wrestling.

Most recently, the voice in Orton’s head was the narrator of the Twilight series of vampire romance novels, though Orton insisted it was an audiobook about sports nutrition.