Sami Zayn Bloodline
Samuel “Sami” Zayn (back, ginger) won’t be clowning around in WWE again any time soon!

Professional sports-entertainer Sami Zayn has been “future-endeavoured” by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) after sparking a giggle-fit during a live broadcast of SmackDown. 

Zayn was released this morning for “unprofessional stagecraft” after causing members of The Bloodline — Roman Reigns, Jey Uso, and Jimmy-Jam Uso — to “corpse” or “break” into stifled laughter. 

Causing a fellow performer to “corpse” on live television is a showbiz taboo, and backstage boss Hunter Helmsley was reportedly “furious” at Zayn. 

Helmsley reportedly told Zayn that “corpsing is only for Saturday Night Live and Katie Vick,” then fired Zayn on the spot. 

Later the same day, Helmsley hired an athletic Mexican luchador that he later described as “a little generic, but familiar.” 


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