Since the word “fake” is generally frowned upon in her line of work, independent professional wrestler Lexxi Sizzle prefers to describe unfulfilling sexual encounters as “predetermined” orgasms. 

Despite her enthusiastic vocalizations during lovemaking, Sizzle’s orgasms are typically a “work” — a well-rehearsed pantomime that creates the illusion of erotic satisfaction. 

Sizzle admits she has been “kayfabing” her sexual pleasure for most of her adult life. Only on rare occurances, with just the right partner, is Sizzle able to “work herself into a shoot,” usually by imagining she is sleeping with Finn Balor or Jon Moxley. 

She dislikes the term “fake,” because the athleticism required of her lovemaking requires intense training — particularly the more complex manuevers and holds — to “put over” her partners.

One time, when predetermining an orgasm with a partner (who she identified only as Xavier W.), she actually suffered a career-threatening injury. “I ruptured a disc that fragmented into my spinal column,” she said. “Yes, the this is predetermined, but the hazards are real.”



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