CM Punk wrestlemania
Does this photograph prove that CM Punk will be part of WrestleMania? It most certainly does not.

Does this photo, just obtained by Kayfabe News from an anonymous source, show controversial former WWE superstar CM Punk arriving at San Francisco Airport in advance of a surprise appearance at this Sunday’s WrestleMania?


No it does not.

Don’t be silly.

CM Punk’s widely publicized split from WWE last year was acrimonious, and he is currently under contract with UFC.

So¬†why on Earth would Punk be appearing at WrestleMania? It doesn’t make any sense.

The guy in the photo doesn’t even look anything like CM Punk. Do you need glasses or something?

You’re more likely to see a surprise run-in at WrestleMania by Jumpin’ Jim Brunzell. Come to think of it, that would be awesome. Let’s try to get #JimBrunzellRunIn trending.

Enjoy WrestleMania, numbnuts.