Parts Unknown
The Missing Link does yard work in Parts Unmown.

After neglecting his backyard for several weeks, professional wrestler The Missing Link decided to finally fire up the lawnmower and venture into Parts Unmown.

With green paint smeared on his face and faux fur covering his gardening boots, The Missing Link snarled and growled incoherently when the mower failed to start after several pulls of the cord.

The unorthodox wrestler had mistakenly believed the mower was a reliable, American-made machine, but upon closer inspection discovered it was actually a foreign object.

His previous mower was a big red machine, but he switched to a manual mower since it had been a long time since it’d had a solid push.

He quickly over-exerted himself due to poor cardiovascular conditioning, however, and soon enjoyed a “rest hold” in a nearby hammock.

While many wrestling fans believe the Missing Link died several years ago, he actually just returned to his native Parts Unknown.

According to Google Maps, Parts Unknown is located a few-hundred miles north of Truth or Consequences, NM.