Parts unknown location
It turns out Parts Unknown is not too far from Truth or Consequences.

Once only rumored to exist, like the lost city of Atlantis or Area 51, the mysterious birthplace of professional wrestlers called Parts Unknown has been located and charted by Google Maps.

“This is a historic day for cartography and for professional wrestling history,” said Thomas McGill, Vice-President of Geographic Discovery for Google Maps.

Using GPS technology and satellite imaging, Google’s Geolocation Team pinpointed Parts Unknown in a vast New Mexico desert, 700 miles due south of Truth or Consequences.

“Our high-resolution imaging technology even identified specific landmarks, including Papa Shango’s voodoo lair and the Ultimate Warrior’s Cave of Insanity.

It is expected that Parts Unknown will soon be renamed Parts Known.

The Google Maps technology still has some glitches, however. During a press conference, Google attempted to show the birthplace of The Missing Link, but the link was missing.