Hornswoggle movie leprechaun
A promotional poster for the upcoming Marine sequel produced by WWE Studios.

WWE Studios has officially announced that the fourth installment of its straight-to-DVD action series The Marine will star leprechaun/wrestler Hornswoggle.

Carrying on the tradition of casting WWE wrestlers in the title role — first John Cena, then Ted DiBiase Jr., then The Miz — the studio picked Hornswoggle because The Marine 4 is being “aimed at a younger demographic.”

Critics have panned each successive sequel of The Marine, largely because of its increasingly unconvincing men in the lead role, and The Marine 4 is unlikely to be different.

Hornswoggle, who weighs 130 pounds and stands four-foot-one, seems like a peculiar choice to play a battle hardened military man, but early screen tests indicate he is more convincing in the role than The Miz.

A leaked copy of the script indicates that the entire film unfolds underneath a WWE ring.