Vince McMahon birthday
Vince McMahon is lucky to have somehow survived the bombing of his limo.

A joint task force from law enforcement agencies around the country continues to hunt down the person or persons responsible for the McMahon limousine bombing of 2007.

Codenamed Operation McLimBo, the worldwide hunt for the limo bomber(s) is reportedly nearing a crucial arrest.

“We will not stop until we find whoever was responsible for this atrocity,” reads a press release from the task force.

“Attacks of this kind on American soil will not stand, even if the intended victim somehow escaped completely unscathed.”

Police suspect the bomber may be holed up in a cave somewhere in the inhospitable mountain ranges of suburban Connecticut.

Though McMahon was clearly seen getting into his limousine just moments before it erupted into an enormous fireball, the WWE honcho appeared on TV days later without even a singed eyebrow.

Pressed for comment, McMahon declined to explain his miraculous escape, aside from saying he has “balls like grapefruits.”

Mr McMahon’s exploding limo by SmackDown54