mcmahon limo
Vince McMahon (inside car) is tragically incinerated. He was OK a week later for some reason.

Speculation has swirled for more than a decade around the mysterious explosion that destroyed the limousine of WWE honcho Vince McMahon, but newly leaked documents reveal the whole thing was an ill-fated gender-reveal stunt. 

The shocking conclusion of the June 11 2007 episode of Monday Night Raw saw McMahon step into his stretch limo moments before it exploded, only to be miraculously resurrected a week later by his longtime arch-nemesis, God. 

The explosion has never been sufficiently explained, though wrestling fans and pundits have proposed a number of theories, ranging from the relatively mundane (a pyrotechnics accident) to the bizarre (SLC, or spontaneous limousine combustion). 

In reality, the explosion was supposed to include the unfurling of a banner reading “It’s a Boy,” thereby revealing the gender of McMahon’s bastard leprechaun son, Hornswoggle. 

The story was later dropped altogether when research revealed that Hornswoggle is actually the bastard son of Shane McMahon. 

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