johnny wrestling
Fans can expect big things from Johnny Sports-Entertaining.

Although Johnny Gargano’s in-ring prowess has earned him the nickname “Johnny Wrestling,” his ascent to the WWE main-roster will be accompanied by a change of moniker to “Johnny Sports-Entertaining.”

WWE mogul Vlad “Vince” McMahon is reportedly “furious” that Gargano has embraced the “Johnny Wrestling” nickname, which McMahon says is “passe” and “off-brand, quite frankly.”

According to sources close to McMahon, plans are afoot to change the name “World Wrestling Entertainment” to “World Sports-Entertainment Entertainment” by the year 2020.

McMahon has been working for years to abolish the term “wrestling” — or, as he pronounces it, “rustling” — from WWE programming altogether. WWE commentators who utter the word are subject to $50,000 fines, and fans who bring signs to event bearing the word are ejected from arenas.

This weekend, WWE hosts its annual pay-per-view spectacular WrestleMania — or, is it will be called next year, SportsentertainmentMania.


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