Professional sports-entertainer Brock Lesnar is best known for battering opponents in the ring, but now he’s demolishing all competition on the country music with his new single, “Try That in a Suplex City.” 

In the lyrics, Lesnar sings in his trademark soprano: 

Boston can keep its crabs,
Russia can keep its leg-sweeps,
Ireland can keep its whips,
Try that in a Suplex City!
Samoa can keep its drops,
Canada can keep its destroyers,
Mongolia can keep its chops
Germany, well, I like their suplex, 
So try that in a Suplex city! 
Try that in a Suplex City, bitch. 
The single is from Lesnar’s forthcoming album, Brockchronicity, which includes guest performers Elias, Jimmy Hart, Taylor Swift, Sir Elton John, the members of Strike Force with Robbie Dupree, and Rapmaster P.N. News. 
Some listeners have described Lesnar’s single as “derivative” of another country hit, “Try That in a Small Town” by Jason Aldean, which itself is a ripoff of The Ultimate Warrior’s 1989 hit “Try That in Parts Unknown.”
Some critics say the song is just a ploy to drive viewers to Lesnar’s new daytime chat show, Brock Talk. 

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