Lesnar easter
Brock Lesnar enjoys his annual pre-WrestleMania egg-hunting adventure.

Barely a week away from his WrestleMania showdown against Dean Ambrose, pro wrestler Brock Lesnar was delighted this morning to scamper about the property of his advocate and legal guardian, Paul Heyman, in search of painted eggs.

Lesnar, wide-eyed and giggling with childlike delight, scoured high and low around Heyman’s yard, filling a pink wicker basket with the eggs that Heyman painstakingly painted over the past week.

“The adorable big fella gets such a kick out of this,” said Heyman, as Lesnar looked behind lawn ornaments, kendo sticks, and large outdated cellphones in search of the eggs.

“He’s a monster 364 days of the year, but on Easter, his mantra is ‘Eat chocolate, Nap, Search for Eggs, Repeat.'”

The festivities had a minor hiccup when Lesnar, enraged over his inability to reach an egg hidden in the branches of a maple tree, suplexed several onlookers and unleashed his trademark pterodactyl shriek.

Heyman was able to calm his client, however, by reminding him of the obscene amount of money he’ll earn for 15 minutes of work next Sunday.