lesnar ducks
Bradley “Brock” Lesnar leads his fluffy entourage of ducklings to the ring.

Brock Lesnar, the reigning and “defending” WWE Universal Champion, has evidently become a surrogate mother to five ducklings that follow him in a  single-file line everywhere he goes.

The hatchlings reportedly formed a strong bond with Lesnar — a developmental process known as imprinting — when Lesnar happened upon their nest after shooting their mother during a hunting excursion on his Manitoba ranch.

Adorably, two of the ducklings have learned to mimic Lensar in other ways, playfully hopping from foot to foot, and clumsily german suplexing each other.

Though best known for his sociopathic lust for violence, Lesnar has grown fond of his tiny companions, even naming them: Brock Jr., Professor Wigglebottom, Paulie, Lil Sable, and Paulie Two.

Waterfowl experts say it is rare for ducklings to imprint on a human — or whatever species Lesnar is — but it is believed the ducklings strongly identified with Lesnar’s trademark birdlike shriek.




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